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Senator, we run ads

– Mark Zuckerberg

Our story

Here’s the dream: you quit your job, you start an online business, you rake the dollars in, you retire before 35 and live a life of travel and yacht parties. Your life is now part The Social Network, part The Wolf of Wall Street (and part Eat, Pray, Love, whether you like it or not).

But you soon learn becoming an online (or offline, for that matter) entrepreneur is not as glamorous (and certainly not as easy!) as it seems. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still have that aforementioned movie mashup life. You have a great product, you have an outline of a plan, and you’ve sold it before, just not at the level you want to be.

That’s where our digital strategies comes in.

How we work

Our 4 Step Process

Step 1


Using industry expertise and innovative tools, we create customised digital strategies designed to boost awareness, engagement and conversions, and to scale your revenue based on your industry goals.
Step 2


Using cutting edge tools, we create a FB ads blueprint, which maps out everything from your best target audiences to the campaign strategy, all the way through to ads management.
Step 3


As part of our full funnel build package, we nurture your acquisitions through various channels, based on your industry goals. From email nurture sequences to EDM’s, to landing pages or MAP’s.
Step 4


When your campaigns are launched and your targets are hit, we evaluate and look at the next steps to level up your business. Always ahead of the curve, we grow with your business – we’re always looking for what’s next.

We have been working with Eleven Social Lab for over a year and each campaign they have run has been a huge success. Ines caters to the specific needs of each event while offering advice on timing, distribution and best use of budget at every step, she makes sure we get the best results for our dollar, always going above and beyond when we have complicated questions or requirements.

Using Eleven Social Lab we’ve had results like we never could have gotten on our own, in some cases up to 30X ROAS. We would highly recommend using Eleven to promote your event, we couldn’t do what we do without them.

Alice, Head of Marketing and Brand Communications

Q Theatre (New Zealand)

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